Aims Private Tuitions Aims: IIT Coaching Malad | JEE Coaching Classes In Mumbai


Grasping and Understanding the theory from the teacher is just the first step towards success. Students have to write the correct answer and that too in time. So be it IIT coaching or JEE coaching our classes in Mumbai, Malad focus on student get the best practice. That happens through training and the test series to get them ready.

As seen from the systematically planned lectures and examination schedule, we slowly and steadily build up the student performance.

All tests are conducted in our classrooms; we do not inconvenience the students by calling them to any other venues for writing the tests. The answer papers are corrected and returned within one week. Students are encouraged to preserve their answer sheet and file them for revision and future reference


Prof. Abhijeet Rane

Dishar Shetty

The explanations given in lectures were Excellent. Teachers weren’t hesitant to explain again, if a particular student didn't understand it. We used to study regularly and be thorough with the portion.

Prof. Swati Muley

Vrushali Maste

- Biotechnology engineer at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College I joined AIMS for 11th and 12th & for NEET. The professors here have very good values. Teachers were always available for doubt solving and were very patient with all of us. They recognized each student’s aptitude and comfort level and mentored accordingly. Overall brilliant, 10/10 recommend.

Prof. Hemant Kadam

Dr. Aishwarya Parab, MBBS

It feels so great that I have achieved my 6 year old dream today. AIMS private tuitions holds Majority of the credit. At present preparing for the entrance of my PG i wish they could teach me, then NEET-PG would have been a cakewalk.

Prof. Abhijeet Rane

Shubham Gujrathi

The classes have a pleasant ambience, with no sunlight blocking our vision. That is just perfect for studying. The teachers have been really helpful throughout paying equal attention to each student. It was their proper guidance that made me who I am.

Prof. Swati Muley

Dr. Darshan J. Shah

My experience with AIMS Pvt. Tuitions is very special. I never felt that I was at some classes; it was always a homely environment for me. The knowledge the teachers have shared is engraved for lifetime.

Prof. Hemant Kadam

Dr. Tanushree P.

AIMS Private tuitions have a very good team of mentors. We were always interested in what they had to teach. No single day seemed tiresome. They gave well thought breaks and enough time to for each student to finish the sum.