Aims Private Tuitions Aims: NEET Coaching | Best Classes For 11th and 12th Science

Academic Features

Our Teaching staff comprises of a team of extremely dedicated professors. Each of them highly experienced, qualified & has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter such as NEET coaching. Our professor’s experience makes us the best coaching classes for 11th and 12th science in Mumbai, Goregaon.

  1. Smaller Batches For Greater Individual Attention.
  2. We do not take a large number of students in each batch. Our batch size is restricted to 25 students. With more than 25 students in a batch, it becomes very difficult for a teacher to maintain even an eye contact with every student, leave alone giving any sort of personal attention.

  3. Student Friendly Atmosphere.
  4. Free & open interaction between students – teachers are always encouraged. Students are always happy to clear their doubts with the professors, because of the friendly nature of the teachers.

  5. Each Subject – Specialized teaching concept
  6. We at Aims Private Tuitions believe in specialized teaching for each subject by specialized professional teachers having more than 20 years of experience in that particular subject. Hence, specialized teachers team is solely responsible for the student progress.

  7. Consolidated Control on Teaching
  8. Only specialized teachers teach an entire subject. This allows professors to teach more effectively by linking the contents of one chapter to another. Studying physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics become very interesting and more enjoying for the students.

  9. Well Planned and Slow Paced Teaching Schedule.
  10. Due to well-planned and slow paced teaching schedule, students get enough time to grasp the topic and develop interest in the subject.

  11. Complete Academic Progress Intimated to Parents.
  12. Reports on the attendance of the students in the in the lectures and marks obtained by a student in the tests are sent by email and SMS to parent. This helps parents to keep track of student’s progress.

  13. Exclusive Study Material.
  14. Our Study Materials are exhaustive and detailed/ written in a very easy to understand language. Our several years of experience have helped us in putting together the best set of notes, satisfying the demands of the entire board and entrance syllabus.